Newnan Utilities security lighting provides valuable protection against break-ins and increases the amount of time you'll spend enjoying your back yard, deck, or patio. For one flat monthly fee, Newnan Utilities will provide and maintain outdoor lighting for your security and comfort.

Available in all areas served by Newnan Utilities and subject to its service rules and regulations.

Applicable to unmetered dusk-to-dawn lighting of roadways, parking areas and yards.
Service will be provided by ballast-operated vapor lamp fixtures including high pressure sodium
vapor and metal halide luminaires mounted on poles conforming to Newnan Utilities’ standards.
Service is offered only at locations that are readily accessible for all necessary maintenance. This
Schedule is applicable lighting installed, owned and maintained by Newnan Utilities and may be used
for residential, commercial, or industrial applications.

Type Of Service:
Single phase, 60 hertz, at a standard voltage.

The following types of lighting are available. In addition to the monthly charges, there is a one-time installation fee of $500.

Rates Effective January 1, 2017

Unmetered High Pressure Sodium Vapor - Metal Halide – Led Lights:



Price Per Month

EL-SEC-1000W-CH 1000 Watt HPS Cobra Head Light $28.70
EL-SEC-1000W-FL 1000 Watt MH Flood Light $35.30
EL-SEC-1000W-HF 1000 Watt HPS Flood Light $35.30
EL-SEC-100W-CH 100 Watt HPS Cobra Head Light $9.90
EL-SEC-100W-DE 100 Watt HPS Decor Light $13.25
EL-SEC-150W-DE 150 Watt HPS Decor Light $15.45
EL-SEC-150W-FL 150 Watt HPS Flood Light $15.45
EL-SEC-150W-NIS 150 Watt HPS Decor Light $15.45
EL-SEC-250W-CH 250 Watt HPS Cobra Head Light $14.35
EL-SEC-250W-DE 250 Watt HPS Decor Light $17.65
EL-SEC-250W-HFL 250 Watt HPS Flood Light $17.65
EL-SEC-250W-NIS 250 Watt MH Flood Light $17.65
EL-SEC-400-HPS 400 Watt HPS Shoebox Light $19.85
EL-SEC-400-SHOE 400 Watt MH Shoebox Light $19.85
EL-SEC-400W-CH 400 Watt HPS Cobra Head Light $16.55
EL-SEC-400W-FL 400 Watt MH Flood Light $19.85
EL-SEC-400W-HFL 400 Watt HPS Flood Light $19.85
EL-SEC-412 LED 412 Watt LED Light $35.30
EL-SEC-BULK Security Lights Bulk $4.81
EL-SEC-LED Security Lights LED $22.00
EL-SEC-SIGN Sign Light $35.30
EL-SEC-SPECIAL Security Lights Northgate High School $766.25
EL-SEC-TPM 315 TPM 315 Watt LED Security Lights $20.00