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Our Environmental Commitment

Newnan Utilities is committed to protecting our environment and natural resources. Through a number of programs, including an innovative composting initiative and reservoir expansion projects, we continue our tradition of exemplary corporate citizenship and diligent environmental stewardship.


As part of our commitment to protect the environment, Newnan Utilities has expanded its recycling efforts. Partnering with local organizations, schools, and businesses, we work to encourage recycling in our community.  More


Newnan Utilities purchases power from MEAG, a public power generation and transmission agency. By bringing together the purchasing power of several utilities, MEAG achieves efficient use of resources. With a diversified fuel portfolio that includes emissions-free and renewable sources, MEAG’s greenhouse gas emissions per kilowatt generated are 30% below the industry average. More

Customers can participate in our Green Power program. This voluntary program supports the generation of electricity from renewable sources and places this type of electricity on the electric grid in place of electricity from traditional power plants. Green power can be purchased in increments of 100 kilowatt-hour blocks. For a residential custom-er, one block of green power each month for a year is equivalent to not driving your car 1,800 miles, keeping 1,700 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


Through a collaboration between Newnan Utilities, the Coweta County Water and Sewerage Authority, the Coweta County Extension Office and the Coweta County School System, local fourth graders will take part in a water conservation curriculum. Students will learn about the water cycle, ecosystems and the impact of water on other elements of the environment.More

Instructional materials used in the hands-on series will include mini rain barrels, rain gauges, water flow meters and other materials, all designed to teach students about water, conservation and other topics. Some students will also participate in public service radio announcements, and students at Central Educational Center will prepare a short film about the water cycle.

This effort not only encourages conservation, but also teaches a wealth of information that students will carry through the rest of their lives. Through this and other educational efforts, Newnan Utilities is committed to helping future gen- erations understand how we can work together to protect our environment.


Our attention to the environment is evident in the innovative methods we employ for wastewater treatment. Solid material from the treatment process is converted to a soil additive, NuSoil, at our composting facility. This additive is mixed with tree debris, then used for landscape applications.More